• They are designed and engineered to grow with the child and give them an updated look with a mature feel. Soft, comfortable, adjustable and fun. . Soft leather upper with a power mesh growth pocket, soft elastic binding and adjustable instep straps all work together so every child can learn to love ballet. Adjustable instep strap system features a plush elastic strap with a heart shaped button. Find the most comfortable placement, place the button through the button holes – the elastic will then stay buttoned and in place until you need to change it. Hybrid sole design features a two part suede sole that allows the shoe to function as both a full sole and a split sole. The forepart extends long enough to work like a full sole and help young feet strengthen. The gap allows for the growth pocket to stretch and the heel cup has extended coverage for comfort and stability. Flirty print cotton lining featuring hearts, flowers, butterflies and lady bugs. Lightly padded insole and cotton sock lining. No drawstring.

  • Leather : Upper

  • Textile : Lining
  • Suede : Sole

  • Child sizes UK 8 Small to 2 Large ( No half sizes)

  • Traditionally ballet shoes are manufactured one size smaller than your street shoe size. 



COLOUR: pink