Street Dance

The Street Dance Department of Beverly Marks

is managed by professional dancer Sam Fleet.

Our streetdance teams/ classes have a 

fun atmosphere with knowledge and techniques

of street dance being gained.



We run classes from the Age 5 upwards...

Mondays-Street Dance Girls Age 5-10 6:00-7:00pm
          Street Dance Boys Age 5-10 6:00-7:00pm

Saturdays- Main Boys Class Ages 5-11...

              12.30-2.PM Street & Breakdance.



Our Teams Compete and represent the school outside of 

Local events doing either high profile events or


There are 4 Teams run By Sam Fleet.

The Freshman ages- 9 - 11

Fresh - 11-13


The Blast- 13- 17


The Plan-15- 21


If there's interest in joining the competition teams...

Trials are held through the office number on the contact page.